A study shows men with big noses tend to have larger 🍆, According to this New Study

A study shows men with big noses tend to have larger 🍆, According to this New Study

What do big noses mean? Why big noses are attractive?

“No wonder Pinocchio lied so much…”

Various myths suggest that one can figure out the measure of a man’s eggplant by looking at the size of his feet, hands, Adam’s apple, as well as by looking at his height.

No, seriously THIS IS SCIENCE. In a study done in 2011 South Korean researchers found a correlation between the ring finger and the index finger.

Now a new study makes it easier to measure by looking at a man’s nose only


Japanese Scientists Say Men with Large Noses Tend to Have Longer Eggplants

The Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine examined the bodies of 126 dead Japanese men. They found a correlation between the size of the noses and the sizes of their eggplants.

The study was recently published in the journal Basic and Clinical Andrology on 04 February 2021

The researchers [ Hiroshi Ikegaya, Motofumi Suzuki, Hiroki Kondou, Taketo Kawai, Yusuke Sato, Tadaichi Kitamura & Haruki Kume ] explained that there was no connection between the size of the nose and eggplant when the latter is soft and that they were unable to find a scientific explanation for these facts.

Background for the study

In a previous report, we investigated whether the size of male genitalia similarly exposed to serum testosterone during aging could change with age and found that penile length almost stopped increasing during adolescence and decreased in older males. In this report, to determine what factors other than age are related to penile length, we performed a multivariate analysis of the relationships between stretched penile length (SPL) and other measurements of genital organs, nose size, height, and body weight in 126 adults in their 30s–50s” [ sources in the bottom]

Currently, this study is limited to Japanese cadavers and further research is needed. But, maybe this study is the first to highlight that your face can give away more than what you think. [ source in the bottom]

How did they do the study?

The measurement of nose size. Nose size was defined as the longer distance between the midpoint of the left and right medial ocular angles and the outside of the left or right nose wings (indicated by arrow) Sources in the bottom

The researchers used the “stretched penile length” (SPL) to measure the eggplant in order to make a standard for the study. They measured the length of an erect penis by pulling it up as far as possible to measure the SPL and then compared it to the size of the nose, which they measured from the corner of the eye to the bottom of the nostrils.

The study clarified; “Although our results are useless for forensic purposes, understanding the growing process of the penis or facial features may be very important for extrapolating fetal androgen levels and following male genital functions. This study is the first to demonstrate the relationship between SPL and nose size but is limited to Japanese male cadavers, and the reason why SPL and nose size are related is still unclear. Therefore, we consider it an interesting subject to pursue from now on”, reads the study.



•EYEBROWS: Process information

• EYES: Social connection with others – Intimacy levels – Attention to details

• EARS: The first impression wins or lose

• NOSES: Career – Spending Habits – Money – Feelings- Size of the male organ

•CHEEKS: Power – Stamina – Energy

• MOUTH: Communication, How I am doing / How I am feeling

• JAW & CHIN: Conflict Resolution – Choices – Ethics – Practicality – Sex stamina

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How to read noses???

And you were under the impression Face Reading Profiling couldn’t be fun =)

This is how you can measure the nose

  • Divide the face into 3 zones
  • From the hairline to the eyebrows [ Zone 1]
  • From the eyebrows to the bottom of the nostrils [ Zone 2]
  • From the tips of the nose to the chin [ Zone 3]

Each zone has a meaning:

  • Zone 1- Process information – Natural analytical approach
  • Zone 2 – Money – Eggplant size – Emotions
  • Zone 3- The doer- Get it done

The bigger zone will be the dominant feature. The second bigger will be the outcome. The last size will be the less predominant to make decisions.

If the 3 zones are similar this person will have a mixed outcome as the 3 zones share predominance.

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“Size DOES matter”

Why big noses are attractive?

The study used these measurements:

Those with shorter noses (4.5 cm) had smaller eggplants (10.3 cm), while men with bigger noses (5.5 cm) had longer eggplants (13.4 cm)

Researchers argue that their findings suggest that the length of the eggplant might not be determined by age, height, or bodyweight, but that it may have already been determined before birth.


Big doesn’t mean BETTER performance

One thing is size and another is resistance and stamina. The size is measured by the length of the nose, now the performance, resistance, and how long a man can be “UP” is measured by the jaw, the chin, and the cheeks. This is the reason we sense that men with wide / Lengthy faces are more attractive “THE MACHO MAN” style. But that is for another blog

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For the source of the study go to:

Ikegaya, H., Suzuki, M., Kondou, H. et al. Nose size indicates maximum penile length. Basic Clin. Androl. 31, 3 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12610-021-00121-z


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