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Type of Face Reading we do

Romantic Compatibility Report

Sales – How to close the sale – Face Reading

Full Face Reading Report

Report samples available by request

Specific Face Reading by request


We need the photos with a clear view, no glasses.
Photo include:

  • One photo of the face in neutral position.
  • One photo of th front of the face smiling.
  • One photo of the right ear and head.
  • One photo of the left ear and head.

You will receive your complete report in 48 to 72 hs. You will receive your invoice to pay in paypal for your report.



Type of report:

Romantic Compatibility ReportSalesHow To Close The SaleFace ReadingFull Face Reading ReportReport Samples Available By RequestSpecific Face Reading By Request


Romantic Compatibility Report

Have you ever wondered how compatible you truly are with your sweetie?  Are you curious about that special someone who you think might make a great partner, but you aren’t quite sure yet?

Well, the good news is that you can be compatible with anyone—so long as you understand who they truly are.

Submit three photos—face-forward smiling, face-forward not smiling, and face on profile—for both you and your current or prospective partner and we will reveal the commonalities between the two of you, and also the areas that may prove challenging.

This 3-page report will tell you how best to communicate with each other, what your individual relationship priorities are, and, finally, what each person’s love language is:  Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service (Devotion), or Physical Touch.

Based on twelve different “relationship factors” found on the face, this reading will reveal what makes you and your partner “tick” in a relationship.

This is a mini face reading report that does not go into as much detail as a full-face reading but instead is focused on relationship and intimacy between two people.

Sales Professionals and Realtors

Making a connection with a potential client is perhaps one of the most important things that a sales professional or a realtor can do.

However, not everybody likes to be approached in the same way. Certain people value directness while others value emotional connection.

Some folks are offended by specific behavior, while others relish it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know information about someone just by looking at them? Well, we can do just that for you!

By submitting a few photos of a potential or current client, our face reading professionals can give you insight about how to approach them, what appeals to them, what not to do in your dealings with them, and if he or she will tend to be a spender or more thrifty. Imagine how much easier and more fruitful your interactions will be with your clients, once you understand them.


Managing a team of people is an arduous and complicated task which involves making sure that multiple types of personalities are happy in their roles.

But aside from personality tests that give only limited information, what else can a manager do to ensure that workers are in the right positions and are doing the most suitable work? Well, we’re here to help.

Submit a few photos of your team members, and our face reading professionals will carefully evaluate each person’s: work style, work preferences, ambition, interpersonal abilities, innate gifts, and innate challenges. Ultimately, all of this information informs the optimal position for a given worker.

And once you know which position your employee will thrive in, your entire team will benefit.

Full Face Reading Report

Are you ready to get acquainted with yourself? An individual face reading is a very detailed, in-depth assessment of the features of your face, as well as your ears.

Facial features reveal one’s unique approach to everything from intaking information and experiences to ultimately expressing oneself through chosen communication and action. What this means is that facial features can reveal:

  • What kind of partner would make you most happy.
  • What type of work you would find most satisfying.
  • What is most important to you in life.

In the 5-7-page report that I include with each reading, I systematically examine all of your facial features and explain what they mean specifically for you.

No two reports are alike, just like no two people alike! Not only will you learn volumes about yourself, but you will also learn about other people by default.

When you encounter someone with your same nose or ears or eyebrows, you will know exactly what that means.

Individual face readings give you the tools to look at yourself–and others–from an objective perspective and understand why people act the way they do.

If interested in a face reading, you would submit six specific photos, from which I would create the report.

We would then connect in a video chat to discuss the results and any other features that your photos did not reveal.

The first step is to book a reading, and then you will be contacted with the specifications of the photos, as well as any other information I would need for the reading. I can’t wait to help you learn more about yourself!

Mini-me Report

Did you know that your face reveals information about who you really are? Physiognomy is the art and science of interpreting facial features to reveal one’s character, gifts, challenges, and personal history. And the Mini-Me report is a wonderful introduction to this fascinating discipline.

In the report, our face readers will list five facial features unique to you and then will explain how each one gifts you with a particular talent in life, and also how each one manifests challenges for you.

However, this report isn’t just for you, send in a photo of a prospective love interest, potential client, or job candidate instead and this report will give you valuable information about someone else!

The Mini-Me report is the gateway reading to the face reading world because once you read it, you’ll be hooked on physiognomy!

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