Introvert Face Traits & Face Reading Profiling

Can we spot an introvert just by looking at the face?

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Can we spot an introvert just by looking at the face?

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Has it ever happened to you that when you meet a person for the first time, your brain tries to create a concept of who they are? If they are likable, threatening, trustworthy?

Well, it happens to everyone!  Based on that, Assistant Professor Christopher Olivola from Carnegie Mellon University made a case against the face – ism, published in the Trends in Cognitive Science journal.  This case was about the judgmental abilities that people inherently have.  


What did the case say?

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The case stated that humans are able to judge individuals pretty accurately, but they may also be frequently biased by other factors. An experiment was carried out to see how people used this ability.

A system selected faces shown to the participants.  These faces had slight trait differences.  Researchers found out facial appearances can be biased when a human makes a judgment.  The participants could even determine, according to them, if the person was good, threatening, an efficient CEO, a politician, etc. 

Now the curious thing here is that people looked at the faces and determined whether the person was an introvert or an extrovert, basing their opinion solely on the idea that a person looked friendly or not.  We all do this at some point.  Right?

We can all intuitively know what type of person we have in front of us, even if this person is an introvert, who can be hard to approach.  But let’s define an introvert; as someone who recharges energy whey alone.  They need some time and space before they can relate to others.

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Now let me give you good news; there is a way to combine your feeling and real science.   Face Reading allows you to spot an introvert and before you talk to them you will know how to do it.  How?

Let me tell you that you can see a face and determine if that person is an introvert by the features he or she has.  For example, here is one thing that you can spot on the face; a person with a broad distance between eyelid and eyebrow, BEWARE, give them personal space, don’t get too close because this person won’t like it.

This is just one of many features you can spot when you see an introvert, and when you have them all together, you’ll start profiling using this as a map.

Now your next question will surely be? What else can I know about a person just by seeing their face? My answer is a lot.  I can summarize saying this; you will know how people intake process and communicate the information.  This formula will take you one step ahead in any new or old relationship you have.

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