Our intelligence is not artificial - We are helping people to discover the superpower called science, the science of human behavior & communication; this is how we do it.

Behavior Tools

Statement & Forensic Analysis
Trial Science - Strategy
Witness Preparation
Expert Preparation
Body Language/Micro Expressions
Face Reading Profiling
Deception Detection
Hostage Negations training
Personality Assessments -MBTI- Emergenetics- Strength Finders – Killam [ Conflict resolution]
Handwriting Analysis
PI-Private Investigators – Worldwide
Team training with designated site to follow progress, weekly coaching sessions, and homework.

Areas of expertise

top informal meeting with business partners
Face Reading Profiling
Trial Sciences Law
Sales Training
Insurance Fraud
Political Consulting
Law Enforcement Training
Boutique training -Live- Evergreen with the designated site - follow up-weekly coaching-Homework
Media Training for management – pubic figure - Journalist
Virtual Preparation and services for depositions, jury selection, and training
Body Language and Profiling for video

Do you know how others see you?
Have fun learning how to hack people!