Face masks help jurors tell apart lies from the truth

How juries are 75 % more accurate by reading people with masks.

Two years ago, we did a study on how to READ FACES with masks, the results show 98% accuracy on our study. The conditions were:

  • Send only pictures wearing a mask
  • We don’t need to know each other
  • Send 4 pictures- neutral-smiling- left ear-right ear

These are some feedback comments from people who participated in our study “Reading Faces with Masks”.

Two years later an academic study revealed the same results, in a more complex situation: The jury’s outcome on a trial.

We do Trial Science law- What is this?

Science Trial Law has been among us for a long time. What we know as Face Reading Profiling for Jury selection and outcomes in court comes from the research done by US Superior Court Judge, Dr. Edward Vincent Jones, from 1920 to 1950.

Basically, is to apply Human Behavior to determine the outcome based on Jury selection, preparing clients, witnesses, and experts to testify in court, as well as to be in a deposition. This is the key to knowing who is the strong or weak person on each side.  Getting this information before mediation can get you to win or lose your case. Is not what you say is how you say it. One of the most complicated testimonies in court is the expert because of the fact that you know your subject doesn’t mean you will be able to translate your expertise in a “human” way for everyone to understand.


We had a case in which a car accident was related to a recall from a German Automobile company.  The lawyer brought a retired expert Engineer from Germany who was part of the design and manufacturing of this car. We asked the lawyer if he needed help preparing the expert; he replied “he is an expert, no we don’t”. 24 hours before the expert testified, I got an urgent call from the lawyer saying, “if this guy goes to court tomorrow, we lose.  Can you prep him, ASAP?”.  The next day outcome, the insurance company offers a top cap on the lawsuit.  Why?  Because the expert testimony was human and connected with the jurors.

Experts know about what they know, but making a compelling statement is a different skill. We didn’t change what he knows, we prepped him on how to say it.

Check on cases like:

OJ Simpson

Casey Anthony

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Micro Expressions – Eyebrows and emotions

We have 7 universal Micro-Expression [ME]:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Contempt
  • Fear
  • Disgust 
  • Surprise [the most dangerous ME of all, coming soon in another article]

We have 2 types of expressions – Micro & Macro-Micro are ¼ of a second when Macro is a long hold expression on your face, that can be fake or real.

Believe it or not, most people get distracted by the mouth, in a simple scenario when you are wearing a mask, you avoid the unnecessary distraction and focus on the real place to spot emotions, the eyes, and eyebrows.

Even though today the mask mandate is being lifted, you could still be in a situation where the mask will be worn. Hospitals, Airports, Opera, Cinema, Court, public transportation. 

Learning to read faces and emotions with masks, can be an advantage to becoming a Better Human Behavior Hacker.

Let’s play

Can you recognize the expressions on the drawings below?

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The study

“………….Not only do face masks not hinder jurors’ ability to decide if a witness is reliable, they make it easier to discern lies from truth.

Professor Aldert Vrij from the Department of Psychology, and Dr. Maria Hartwig from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice explored how deviations from normal court procedures, including mask mandates and virtual courtrooms, have impacted the lie detection ability and decision

… “In some ways we deliver good news. It does not seem that the measures to counter the spread of the COVID19 virus will negatively impact juries. Provided jurors are able to clearly hear the defendant and their speech is not muffled by the mask, there is no reason for concern.”

…”In other ways we draw attention to fundamentally problematic aspects of lie detection, in particular, the fact that non-verbal behavior is not helpful. It may suggest that the future lies in exploring how to translate science based interviewing and interrogation protocols to the courtroom, to draw more accurate lie detection results from jurors making of juries….” [ textual comment published on https://phys.org

Next steps

With new research showing that 76% of British encounter problems reading others when they are wearing a face covering, with more than ½ mistaking their expression completely, what you can do?

  1. Practice on your face in front of a mirror
  2. Practice without a mask in front of a mirror and compare
  3. Be in tune with the words
  4. Be in tune with the tone of their voice
  5. Look for clusters -body-face-words before you come to a conclusion

In conclusion, there are no real lie detectors, either human or machines; but getting near to a better way to communicate and understand others is a SUPERPOWER.

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