3 ways your mobile is killing your productivity-

By Susan Ibitz | 09/01/2022

Are mobile phones really EVIL?Well, maybe, but not in the way you think. Do you remember when your grandma told you, “Do not get in front of the Microwave; you will get cancer”,  Or “ Cellphone waves are affecting your brain.” Well, the last one has certain truths, but not the way you think. We…

3 Types of Lies and How to Find Out

By Susan Ibitz | 08/24/2022

This article was initially published on Forbes.com by Susan Ibitz In 2009, researchers found that kids who had been born blind had the same micro- expressions and body language as kids who could see. This refuted the theory that we learn how to express ourselves from our parents. In my experience, what we do learn from our…

Men vs. Women – Who lie more?

By Humanadmin | 08/16/2022

SEX BATTLE – LIES What is the definition of a lie? There have been a lot of studies about lies. How, when, and why people lie has been  an interesting topic of research. Let’s start with the definition of what a lie is. According to R. W. Mitchel a lie is “… a false statement…

Face Reading & Asymmetry – How your childhood is written in your face

By Susan Ibitz | 07/21/2022

The story of your life really is written on your face, according to new research by scientists. In some people, the weather-beaten skin and deep lines that crease their face betray obvious clues about the hard life they have led, but now scientists have discovered everyone’s facial features may betray their childhood. Scientists at the…

The SuperPower of Dyslexia- 

By Susan Ibitz | 04/18/2022

Why does the British Secret Service hire Dyslexic people as profilers?

Face masks help jurors tell apart lies from the truth

By Susan Ibitz | 03/29/2022

How juries are 75 % more accurate by reading people with masks. Two years ago, we did a study on how to READ FACES with masks, the results show 98% accuracy on our study. The conditions were: Send only pictures wearing a mask We don’t need to know each other Send 4 pictures- neutral-smiling- left…

Introvert Face Traits & Face Reading Profiling

By humanbehaviorlab | 03/21/2022

Can we spot an introvert just by looking at the face? *** Can we spot an introvert just by looking at the face? Has it ever happened to you that when you meet a person for the first time, your brain tries to create a concept of who they are? If they are likable, threatening,…

A study shows men with big noses tend to have larger 🍆, According to this New Study

By Susan Ibitz | 03/16/2022

A study shows men with big noses tend to have larger 🍆, According to this New Study What do big noses mean? Why big noses are attractive? “No wonder Pinocchio lied so much…” Various myths suggest that one can figure out the measure of a man’s eggplant by looking at the size of his feet,…

Funny young adult showing his emotions expressively by his gestures and mimics .


By Susan Ibitz | 05/20/2021

We are more connected through sense and our environment than you think. The smell of a new car, vanilla candles to trigger pleasure or that song that make you happy. HEARING: Research by Michael Kraus at Yale finds that the human voice can trump the visual when conveying emotion: Participants who only listened to a…