3 ways your mobile is killing your productivity-

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Are mobile phones really EVIL?

Well, maybe, but not in the way you think.

Do you remember when your grandma told you, “Do not get in front of the Microwave; you will get cancer”,  Or “ Cellphone waves are affecting your brain.”

Well, the last one has certain truths, but not the way you think.

We use our mobile phones to get the air conditioner working- check your heart rate- steps you walk- our social media- open the garage- check who is at the door- Ask for a ride – Ask for food- Check your calories- Train tickets- find parking-Oh! To make calls, too =).

You get the idea, no???

Now, this hyper-connectivity is affecting your life, work, and brain. 

Cognitive problems 

Being wired all the time may look like you are doing more and stimulating your brain, but let me tell you, not in the right way. We are in an era of GLOBAL ATTENTION CRISIS, and the bad news is that this is affecting not only your work performance and relationships but your health, too.

We are so wired all the time. Studies show that having your mobile around causes “ BRAIN DRAIN,” that is affecting your ability to concentrate on whatever you are trying to accomplish.

Your brain has limited cognitive resources, don’t waste them.

Our brain has a limited capacity to retain information. Multitasking has been proven as not being an efficient way to do things. Checking emails when you are in a video call, reading a message during a movie, or cooking when taking a class online.

Your cognitive availability for attention and retaining information is limited.

Different cognitive tasks require different amounts of our brain’s cognitive capacity. 

Problem-solving, attention to detail, and forgetting tasks and deadlines can be the result of your brain being overloaded and can lead to bad performance, not the inability to perform; bad performance because your brain needs rest, too.

Are you Overworking? Here is why 

During the pandemic, surveys have shown that the average worker is working more hours than before.

Now, are you producing more? The answer is no.

Your attention is limited because your attention resources are limited, too.

When you are multitasking or paying attention to your mobile, your cognitive capacity is limited, for each action you add, you take away resources from the principal work you intended to do in the beginning, usually your work.

Being selective is healthy.

Select the amount of activities you do. Organize these activities by priority order, deadline and importance.

I have a say when people tell me they need to talk to me and I have a deadline.

·    It’s 911

·  It’s urgent

·   It can wait

Based on the answer, I get back or not. There is nothing wrong with setting rules for yourself and extending these rules to the people around you; this includes kids, spouses, and pets. My PETS are the worst –

Hide your mobile when you are working

A 2017 scientific review from the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research suggests that by only having your mobile next to you when you are working affects your productivity. How? Most apps are set to generate sounds, show up on your screen or vibrate. This is set so you engage with the apps more often; the more time you spend on TikTok, Facebook, or media, the more you will consume. The algorithm on apps is set to keep you connected more and more. 

Put your mobile on mute, turn it upside down, and set your alarm for 45 minutes. So that way, your brain can concentrate on the task you need to do, and you will wait for the reward of your work by checking the media after.

Food and vitamins can help, too.

We spoke with an expert, and this is what she said:

Did you know that the average person spends five to six hours a day on their phone, not including work related connections? A further study showed that people spent on average 22 percent more time than

this. This is very important because research shows that being dependent on our smartphones can lead

to mental laziness and memory decline.

Let us talk about some simple and easy ways to boost our cognitive health! Beyond setting healthy

boundaries with our smartphones time, these are other things you can do to optimize your brain health

and attention span.

• Take a nootropic supplement daily that specifically support brain function skills, that work for

increasing memory and bring clarity and concentration on the task at hand.

Try the number 1 selling and best nootropic supplement on the market for on demand focus!

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• Eat brain-healthy foods—

Blueberries help protect against oxidated stress and may reduce age-related conditions

such as dementia. Recommended to eat 1 cup per day.

Omega-3-rich fatty fish because the human brain is 60% structural fat and we need to

eat EPA and DHA at least once a week to keep the structure of our brain strong.

Choline-rich eggs—Although our bodies produce some choline we cannot synthesize it

on our own so it is critical for our health.

Strawberries in research have been shown to improve the learning capacity and motor


Sunflower seeds—A multi-year population study showed that people who had the

highest intake from vitamin E foods, sunflower seeds, showed a 32% reduction in rate of

mental decline.

• Include movement into your day whether it is stretching, dancing, or taking a walk for 20 mins.

Moving your body supports blood flow to your brain and brings oxygen to our cells and walking has been shown to be the most effective for long term health.

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Please be advised that this is not to be perceived as medical advice and you should always consult your doctor with any questions and concerns before beginning a new supplement.

*Information based on the book “the Worlds Healthiest Foods” by George Mateljan and independent third party research by Isagenix International.


  • Put your mobile phone in the night set at a certain time to disconnect at night. 
  • Black and White screens help your brain not to be wired all the time.
  • Don’t check your mobile when you wake up at night, it is less possible to go back to sleep.
  • Set the alarm for tasks that need to get done during the day. Experts said 45 minutes work, 10 fun.
  • 20 minutes of activity can help your brain to be more reactive
  • Walk-in calls- Walk in your office or around the counter in your home
  • Get a walking buddy- Pick one person a day to have a call when you are walking in the street. I do this with some clients as we get ourselves accountable for exercising
  • Get an under-desk treadmill- I got one, and now I walk around 4 hours a day; not only have I lost weight, but my legs also are stronger, and my brain is more in tune.
  • Check with your doctor for supplements based on your age, medical history, and needs. 20-year-olds are not the same as 50-year-olds. Menopausal women are not the same as the ones who are pregnant. 
  • Feed your brain the right food
  • Don’t work in the kitchen- you will likely snack more often.
  • Stop working – set time based on task – deadlines- have a plan for after work.
  • Get in a happy place- mental health is an issue- 1 every 7 people have some kind of depression or anxiety –  Ask for help and check in with people around you. Helping others is a way to help yourself.

Let me know what you think. I always treasure your opinion, even if we don’t agree, =)

With Love-Susan-

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