By Susan Ibitz | 11/19/2020

What is the best way to boost sales online?

By Susan Ibitz | 11/03/2020

Simple tips to Increase Sales during  video- Covid-19 pandemic For almost 20 years I did political consulting. Have you ever tried to make a politician look natural on camera and smile in the process? So, trust me, follow these tips, and maybe even you can enjoy the experience of working from home and video conferences. Smiles,…

Networking online, blond girl with glasses

Body Language for Networking

By Susan Ibitz | 10/29/2020

How to show engagement? Either on video or in-person, people will notice and feel how engaged you are.

What questions do you need to do to profile your customer?

By Susan Ibitz | 10/27/2020

There is a say in sales, the 80 /20 rule. Listen more than talk, but when you talk you need to know what questions to do and how to get the results you are looking for. How? Behavior applied to sales-Open and End Questions. How to do it?

How Gratitude helps your Health

By Susan Ibitz | 08/18/2020

What is the most effective way to practice gratitude every day? By saying thank you to a co-worker or your team, productivity grows to up 80%. When you criticize others, people automatically assign those same negative attribute to you, as we see on other only what we lack about. Check the video at the end. Let’s make…

Face Reading of Biden ideal VP

By humanbehaviorlab | 07/24/2020

Come to learn with us:

Are you missing a million dollars $$$

By Susan Ibitz | 07/23/2020

Did you know that knowing only the “ONE” aspect of your personality can tell you how long you should be in a video conference, how you should space your calendar for meetings, how to socialize, or even how to date?

Why Fear and Arousal look the same ???

By Susan Ibitz | 07/21/2020

It’s important to first consider what is meant by fear. Fear refers to an emotion or feeling induced by perceived danger or threat of danger

What is the only skill AI can’t replicate???

By Susan Ibitz | 07/16/2020

Weird is equal to Dopamine equal to brain engagement Being original on your message can bring the attention of your prospects, clients, and make people notice you. Come to learn with us: