Why We Are Doing This Study?

We are living in a face society and it looks like it is going to be for a long time. After searching for AI or systems to identify, read or understand people wearing masks, we found there is none. Some universities are doing studies [not published yet]. Reports from the BBC UK show that around 67% of Americans are wearing masks in public and 68% of the people do not feel safe going back to work if they don’t wear a mask and the companies do not enforce others to do the same.

The main core of HUMAN BEHAVIOR LAB is to research and teach, and since we are the only team capable of doing this study, as we have the Face Reader team, we said: “Why not to do the first independent study on this field?”.

We choose to make this study independently to not have bias based on any company needs or adapt the result based on any product.

The results of this study will be published for anyone to access, and learn the accuracy of the human eye against the AI analysis.

We are so excited you choose to be part of this study as your participation is going to help to improve communication, safety and navigate in the new reality without FEAR as we are capable of reading others, we just need to tune our brain on how to do it.

Welcome to Faces with Masks-study!!

Conditions To Participate:

  • 18 Years old or older.
  • Generic e-mail [do not use disposable e-mails as we need to contact you with the result on your reading]. just add your first name and we will reply to you with a case # to keep you anonymous.
  • No public person – for validity, we are not reading people on the media or well-known people.
  • Must wear a mask [only] do not send a pic without a mask, those pics are going to be discarded due to the fact that is not accurate for the study.
  • Multi–race – gender – age – culture: this study intends to avoid bias, and for that reason is important that everyone can participate.
  • Only your pictures can be sent, we are not accepting 3-part pictures, or pictures without the person’s approval to be read.

How To Take And Send The Pictures:

Pictures need to be in 90° angle with or without glasses. ALWAYS WEARING A MASK.

  • One photo of the face in neutral position.
  • One photo of the face smiling.
  • One photo of the right ear and head.
  • One photo of the left ear and head.
  • Send all the pictures to: faces@humanbehaviorlab.com

Subject: “Faces with Mask study”- [your name]

Add the pictures to the e-mail and your first name only. The team will contact you in 48 hrs. with your case #.

Example of a result will be publishing:

Case # 1453

Women Caucasian – wearing glasses and generic surgical masks.

Features read: 6 [name of the 6 features]

Accuracy Feedback– 5 over 6 features

Your personal reading and details will “NOT” be going to be publish, only the accuracy of your feedback by case #. You would be the only person getting the report on a video to keep as it would be erased, too.

By sending your pictures, you agree with the terms of the study.

Human Behavior Lab Team.


For a reading examples, please go to:


This is an independent study and we are looking for no pay participation, it is a volunteer study only. Your name and pictures will not be exposed or published. We are assigning you a case # and the results would be address base on your case # and not your name or information. All your information will be stored on an external drive for security.

Your information will be kept in our database for 6 months to review the cases in case of error. After 6 months all your personal information will be erased, and you will be informed, when this happens.

The results will be published on this page once they are done and the statistics are completed. For each case # would be published as your reply to the accuracy of the results on your reading.

Is important that you reply to the results sent to you in 48 to 72 hrs. to make sure we can move forward with the study.