Are you missing a million dollars $$$

Did you know that knowing only the “ONE” aspect of your personality can tell you how long you should be in a video conference, how you should space your calendar for meetings, how to socialize, or even how to date?

Why personality matters:

Well, this is as simple as to know your personality preferences. One of the preferences used in more assessments is IntroversionExtroversion, and Ambivert.

What is personality preference? Let me put it this way: What hand is it naturally and easily for you to write with? 

Based on this we can divide people into IntrovertExtrovert, and Ambivert personality preferences. These are not related to social skills, instead, this is about how to direct and receive energy.

One million dollars

Ambiverts pull in 24% more revenue than introverts, and 32% more revenue than extroverts, based on studies done by the University of Pennsylvania. They make between $28,000 to $35,000 more yearly. Calculate how much that is in 45 years of career.

But with the majority of the population misunderstanding what each personality preference means and how to act according to their type, the exposure to video conferences, meetings, and networking can be… well, based on your preference, a total nightmare, or a happy place.

Personality matters

Are you missing a million dollars $$$

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