Body Language for Networking

How to show engagement?

Either on video or in-person, people will notice and feel how engaged you are. Here some simple tips to take into consideration.

Use your hands

The first thing people notice on you are your hands; no matter what platform the networking or meeting is happening, SHOW YOUR HANDS. People will trust you more.

Your hands can help you visualize an expression, quantify an idea, or just show you are open to others.

Here’s a list of things people notice and an explanation of what you’re like if you focus on that feature. This comes from psychiatrist Dr. Richard Proctor:

  • If you notice someone’s hands first: You are down-to-earth, practical, self-sufficient, and career minded. You admire people who can grapple with a problem and solve it.
  • If you’re an eye person: You are primarily interested in what people have to say and what their thoughts, tastes, and interests are. You have no time for superficiality. You’re a person who cares.
  • If you look at someone’s smile first: You’re organized, interested in quality, and you have an eye on the future.

Fun Fact: Men notice manicure on a woman more than inter women.

To read the complete article on what we notice first and what it says about you, go here 

Why smiling is key? 

Sex-hand shake -oxytocin- human interaction

Studies show that a handshake makes for 26% of first impressions. The fact that we are not having personal interaction or shaking hands [ for a wild] makes us come up with other options.

 So how do you manage this on video? Well, OXYTOCIN is your solution. Oxytocin happens during sex, also when you are hugged by a loved one, when you get a like on Facebook, or watch puppies and cats online. But guess what? Oxytocin also happens during a SMILE. Always start a video or a meeting with a smile. It is contagious, and it will boost oxytocin in all the people in the video.

To check our video on this topic goes to How laughing improves sex, life, weight and work

Make someone smile and do it too- Is contagious.

In our video, Laughing is more contagious than the flu. We talk about the fact that emotions are contagious. Smiling is one of those small actions that can

positively impact your health. Indeed, the sciences showed that smiling increases your oxytocin level, a hormone with many beneficial effects. Oxytocin is, quite simply, a bonding hormone. If you ever want to control a complete stranger’s mind, just smile at them! Smiling at somebody will release oxytocin in both your own and the other person’s brains. 

Crossing arms- myth or reality?

The ambidexterity achieved while crossing your arms and legs can cause your brain to function optimally. It can dramatically reduce stress and help you to learn and cognate more clearly because it synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain and both sides of the body simultaneously.

“Bringing both hemispheres in sync with one another allows you to achieve a sort of ‘super learning’ state of being where you can think with both logic and emotion. If you want to watch the complete video go here : Crossing Arms Is Bad???

Now, most people believe that if you cross your arms, you are close to their idea, or you can be perceived as close minded.

To avoid this, get a pen on a video call, put your hand on your mouse, or have a coffee mug. In an in-person meeting, hold something appropriate for the occasion.

BUD NEVER, EVER YOUR MOBILE. PEOPLE WILL PERCEIVE YOU AS NOT ENGAGED, and you will get distracted with every email and txt that shows on your screen.

More tips – See you next week.

Susan. XoXo

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