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What to learn from a horrible sales experience



 We work on unlocking the science behind Human Behavior, Micro-Expression, Body Language, Deception-Detection, Statement Analysis, Face Reading (Physiognomy), and Personality types through research and teaching. 

Did you ever go on the horrible journey to look for a new service/provider and just like that, you suddenly fall in love with the right one? WRONG. Think again. Salespeople, get your notebook. I am here to give you some FREE advice on how to address people like me.

A few weeks ago, we were in the process of hiring a service for Human Behavior Lab. This was not going to be a cheap service, so it required a lot of research, but most of all, TRUST.

El is my right hand and KAOS manager (never has a better title has been chosen); she knows me, even when she doesn’t see me—that’s how well I’ve trained her! A few days ago, I came to the office super mad, something that does not often happen.

So, El asked me what was going on. Well, a storm of bad words came from my mouth, and thank God Grandma wasn’t there—she was such a proper lady.

So, El looked at me and said, “If this person had trained with you, they would/should have known never to do that.” Eureka!!! This article came to life.

She is right—the pace and process I use to make decisions don’t work well with changes, as every decision in life for me comes with a lot of  “need to make sense in my own dictionary.”



Me, Myself, and My Process

I will give you a tip if you need to sell, talk, or even interact at work with anyone who shares my features. Believe me, if you learn how to read ears and eyebrows, your life will change forever.

Here we go:

  1. I have small ears
  2. I have low ears that are set below my eyebrow line (we are going to explain how ear set low or high in the next article)
  3. I have high eyebrows
  4. I have pointy eyebrows

How these work:

 Small ears:

SHOW ME. A small-eared person gets bored easily; more than 20 seconds without a visual and I am out. Utilize a graph, table, or even a video to illustrate your product/service or make a list. Seeing the words is more effective than only listening. We don’t rely on what we hear, we are visually and experientially oriented.


Low ears:

We process information carefully, analyze, and compare data to get the right solution, service, or even to choose friends and relationships in our personal life. People with low ears have perfectionist tendencies.

We can even be procrastinators by perfection. The good news is, low ears are the best people to ask for a reference or introduction to new clients.

                      High eyebrows:

Don’t get in my personal space. Physically or emotionally. You don’t know how reserved we are, and it doesn’t matter if we are introverts or extroverts.

If you want to rush me to sign or do something, I AM GONE—FOREVER. We need time to process the information. The scarcity technique is the worse approach ever.

Make me like you, show me, and at the end say, “Take your time and come back to me with any questions or when you are ready to sign.” Don’t you know that I’ve had the same doctors, phone company, and cable since I can remember? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

To make a decision, I take my time to think and evaluate. We have a wait-and-see approach.


Pointy eyebrows:

Well, let me tell you, honey, I am running this circus. No, literally, don’t mess with me. You’ve seen those Disney witches—look at the eyebrows. You don’t want to meet me on the wrong side of the street.

We need to be mentally in control, we need to be right based on the facts (social proof is not enough; just because Facebook says it doesn’t mean that it’s good). We evaluate every aspect carefully. We double-check everything.

We like to be right and usually are, having conscientiously “done our homework.” If you want to sell to me, be careful since I did my homework. I love to research everything. I am the most curious monkey in the jungle.

In conclusion: Don’t lie, don’t rush, get your facts right, and you will have a loyal customer forever. But mess with a person with these features and NEVER EVER for any reason will they come back to you; they will even pay advertisement campaigns to tell everyone how bad you are.


                                                            Love Susan

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We work on unlocking the science behind Human Behavior, Micro-Expression, Body Language, Deception-Detection, Statement Analysis, Face Reading (Physiognomy), and Personality types through research and teaching

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