How laughing improves sex, weight and work

Smiles, oxytocin, and first impressions

Studies show that a handshake makes for 26% of first impressions. So how do you manage this on video? Well, OXYTOCIN is your solution. Oxytocin happens during sex, also when you are hugged by a loved one, when you get a like on Facebook, or watch puppies and cats online. But guess what? Oxytocin also happens during a SMILE. Always start a video with a smile, it is contagious, and it will boost oxytocin in all the people on the video.

Cats, pets and funny videos.

We talked about your personality type and how you need to respect your natural tendency. But you cannot manage to do this all the time. So if your day is full of video meetings and you don’t feel like it, watch videos and avoid the news. The videos highest rated on developing Dopamine and Serotonin (the happy chemicals) are the cat, pet, and blooper videos. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes between meetings. Dopamine in your brain is responsible for helping you with: Pain processing, mood, learning attention, motivation, heart rate, and even weight loss. Serotonin helps you avoid: being sad, depressing moods, low energy, negative thoughts, feelings of tension, irritability, sweet craving, and a reduced interest in sex. Yes, watch cat videos!
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