Why I collect Skulls and they have such a deep meaning to me!!!

I hope you enjoy the story.

A few weeks’ egos, I was sitting on the L in Chicago on my way to a meeting with a client. A man, whit a very sorrowful face and holding a yellow envelope in his hands as his life depended on it, was sitting next to me.

He looked at me and said, ” Do you believe you can fix a broken heart?”.

I said yes, because the feelings are in the head, and protected by your skull. You can have a heart transplant and nothing change, but you have a head injury and all your world falling apart as you can forget who you are and whom you love”.

He ended up telling me he was coming from seeing a divorce lawyer, but he wanted to fix his marriage, but as much he tried worse become the situation.

I said let me see a pic of your wife, long story short I said what problems in communication they have based on their faces. And give him my business a card in case he needed help [ for free as I strongly believe in the good karma to help as I was helped a lot by people who didn’t know me.

Today I received this beautiful ring with a note saying. “Madam skull you save my married, little token of eternal tks you.”

The people who do what we do sometimes we don’t measure how much we can do to help others, and you know what, today I feel so good !!!

Do good without expecting anything, and everything will come to you.

Have a Great day !!!

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