The American Psychological Association defines Anger as an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone, or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.

Anger can be a good thing. It can give you a way to express negative feelings, for example, or motivate you to find solutions to problems.

But excessive anger can cause problems. Increased blood pressure and other physical changes associated with anger make it difficult to think straight and harm your physical and mental health.

Anger is an expression of frustration, it can be seen in business, friendship, love life or just on the street when you are driving. Sometimes you are not the reason for the anger reaction, but if you are the other person in this situation a few tips:

Is not the brain reaction
Is not a logical interaction
Anger is the sister of suspicion
Do not attack
Look the source
AVOID Offense /defense
Stop it
Why? You are not sold the idea, yet.
Use empathy and understanding, the other person is not on an estate of mind that allows them to be reasonable.

The words said during an anger reaction can hurt. An remember, too, sometimes the words are more painful than a punch in the face. If you are the person having the anger episode, step back before the anger gets to you to the point you lost control.
Have a great Wednesday.
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