The faces of Power-Jeff Bezos-Pros & Con by his Face

I don’t need to introduce this gentleman. Enjoy the reading.


  1.  Ears Stick Out: He’s an independent self-starter who will do things his own way.  Nothing like Amazon existed before he came along.
  2. Round Forehead:  A creative problem-solver.  Can think outside the box and again do things his own way.  That’s the stuff that pioneers are made of.
  3. Bushy Eyebrows:  Non-stop thinker and mark of a powerful intellect.  Innovation isn’t for the weak minded.


  1. High Eyebrows:  Definitely takes his time when making decisions—and may take too much time to the detriment of his co-workers or company. 
  2. Angled Out Nose:  This feature symbolizes his mental aggression and ability to think outside the box at work, but it also indicates that he prefers to direct others.  This is fine if he’s at the top of the chain at work, but working his way up may have been challenging for him because he would have had to take orders from others. 
  3. Upper Eyelid Puffs:  Because he is so focused on accomplishing external goals, he has disregarded his own needs.  This, in turn, has the potential to make him ill-natured, overly-sensitive, and hypercritical.  In other words, not much fun to be around.


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