The Manipulation Challenge


Simple, easy, and in your mailbox. For 6 days you will get delivered to you, the sneak peak of our new class "THE MANIPULATION BIBLE" - MANIPULATION DECODED -

Get ready for this MANIPULATION challenge.

It will blow your mind.


P.I.M.P.O Is the term coined by researchers and expert in the arts and study of Manipulation.

We collected the last 150 years of the best and most controversial studies in Manipulation-Obedience- False Memories- Cults- you name, we have it.


This class will be recorded live and later it’ll be an evergreen for you to enjoy as many times as you want.


Is there any study you want us to analyze?

Send it, we have you covered.


Follow your curiosity and check out our MANIPULATION challenge, and you will find out that you have also been manipulated.


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…take control of your life and have an advantage using the content we have for you in this MANIPULATION challenge

Day 1

FEAR AND AROUSAL - naughty or normal

Day 2

FALSE MEMORIES it happened to you, too

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 6

WHAT UP?!?! What is next


Graham Brown
As you said, you can be the prey or the hunter, for the first time, I AM THE HUNTER, AND I LOVED IT.

Jackie summers

Jackie Summers
I learned the art of manipulation with HBL and now I can protect myself better because I can control and dominate better.

sharon stevenson

Sharon Stevenson
Not only do I know what to do now, I actually *like* doing the things that HUMAN BEHAVIOR LAB has taught me!


Kate Walsh
First, I hated you, this class is the “bible” in manipulation, and now I LOVE it.


This 6-day online Manipulation challenge is delivered as an online course, with a daily video to help you to gain control in your life identifying manipulation.

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Over 120 minutes of the best Manipulation studies.


After these lessons, you will be able to identify manipulation behavior.

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What You'll Learn


✓ Over 120 minutes of the best Manipulation studies!!!

✓ Welcome to “The Manipulation Bible” -Manipulation decoded-

✓ P.I.M.P.O Is the term coined by researchers and expert in the arts and study of Manipulation.

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