The Manipulation Bible


150 years of studies, stories and real cases in Manipulation, Obedience, false implanted memories, false confessions decoded – The bad, the good and the ugly of Humankind and Behavior.

Humans are complex machines, and have been the subject of studies for centuries.

Humans have revolutionized history, brought about genocide, serial killers, even wars.

Manipulation, Influence and Obedience are the root of all EVIL and GOOD. From Hitler commanding soldiers to kill following his orders, The Unabomber brainwashed by Harvard and the CIA, to Human Trafficking and Dominatrixes. All fall in the same concept, MANIPULATION & OBIDENCE.


MANIPULATION is the reason we invade countries; we have presidents and we buy goods we don’t need.

When was the last time you went to the supermarket for milk and came back with a big grocery cart? Do you know that in the last 20 years shopping carts became 30% bigger? So, you buy more.?

Do you need a $15,000.00 handbag? No, but it denotes status.

Do you believe in CULTS? No, but we have the Nazis Skin Heads, all over the world indoctrinating people, same with the terrorism and religion.  They all have the same basic concept, the concept of belonging.


Ted Krasinski – The Unabomber- was a genius way advanced and with the highest IQ ever seen, next to Einstein and [look for other].  Now what makes a serial killer? Brainwashing. He was the subject of a study done by Harvard and The CIA in the 60s, yes, he was a murderer in the making- Nurture vs Nature. Same with Darth Vader.


What makes a woman kill her lovers, feed her victims to her friends, and make a pact with her husband to do this. Evil, Psychopath, damaged goods???

The Maharajahs in India before Gandhi in 1942 fed their wives to be big, decorated their bodies with jewelries, and silk to denote wealth.  As many rich men in the beginning of the 1900’s. Why? The men in the pre-cambric area were fed before the women, the men where the providers, after that, the kids, and lastly women. This was done as a survival mechanism. The man was the hunter, the offspring the generation to become and the woman was just the provider for the offspring. So, if your wife was fat [under today’s image] it meant you had enough to spare.  Crazy how concepts change, no? Nowadays, if your wife is fat, you are a loser, she needs to be forever young and thin.


Why do we vote for the people we vote for? If they never keep their promises? We vote, Red or Blue, even though they are not the best candidates? Indoctrination, polarization and loyalty to the cause, when the cause is not even there.  Are we really free-minded, or are we being manipulated by the system, the news and expert manipulators behind every candidate? Believe me, I am one of them.


Unit and topics in this class


In this class, you will have the chance to have an intake on the topics of Manipulation – Obedience –Influence from a different perspective.

Besides the best studies done in the last 150 years, you will hear the stories of victims, victimizers, experts, Psychologists, Law enforcement, and more.


Each week you will see interviews and classes to follow and action steps to practice and apply in your everyday life.

But your learning doesn’t stop at the end of the 13 units; we are adding new experts, stories, and advice every other week.

Some of the topics in the 13 class units

Fear and Arousal


Brainwashing – Magic – Illusion – Influence

Cyber Fraud – Greedy – Fear – Victim

Magic – Illusion – Influence

Media manipulation – Politics – Advertising – Shopping

Implanted memories

False confessions

Human Trafficking

Darth Vader effect – Nurture vs. Nature

Winning vs. Losing theory and how it is used in consumers – Politics – Advertising

Love – Sex – Money

Dangerous personalities

Face Reading Profiling – 13 profiles to use right now


A few years ago, I was doing my Certification with Paul Ekman International in Manchester, UK, when I was invited to apply for the first Masters in Behavior in the world, based on Paul Ekman's research.


No brainer here; I did. I was honored to be invited with minds like these. It was unexpected to be part of the group without all the certifications everyone else had. I stopped everything and jumped at the opportunity.


I felt scared, suffered from impostor syndrome, and ecstatic until my left brain screamed “Get your shit together! The worst thing that could happen is that you fail.”



In some way I did.


Crazy, no? There is so MUCH information and so many studies on these topics that I feel like I am procrastinating by perfection. I had hundreds of hours reading hundreds of studies and books, researching and testing the theories, talking with experts, interviewing victims, and developing techniques.


So in the meantime, while I complete my thesis, why not share with you all the studies, tactics, and ways to find out if you have been manipulated and how to fix it?


I have helped so many people in my coaching career; why keep all this information only for a few? Why not share these tools with anyone who needs them?


And don’t get me wrong, I learned well because I was a victim, too.


I know the feeling of being disappointed, the weird sensation of blaming yourself for allowing this situation in your life. I know the shame when you share your story, and some of your friends and family tell you, “Why didn’t you realize it before?”


And also the other part, where you feel angry and frustrated for not having noticed they were playing you; for not paying attention to the red flags and signs that could have been obvious.

I feel your pain, but it


In just A FEW weeks What I CAN guarantee

If you take action on the things you learn in the class, and do them consistently, this is what will happen:

You will learn extremely valuable skills that will benefit everything you do in life

​Find out if you are been manipulated by your family members, friends, coworkers, sales reps and everyone around you

​How to stop this behavior

​​Finally feel in control of your life and live empowered with the strategies and tactics you deserve

​​Stop feeling out of control



You will learn the best-kept secrets in Manipulation

​How people can be using you without you knowing about it

​The power of authority vs. knowledge

​​The most powerful studies used by any 3 letter agency in the world

​​How can innocent people confess to something they didn't do

​​How the media and advertising twist your mind about buying

​​The 6 pillars of Influence - Yes, I studied with the GUY -

​​Actions you can take if you are in a Manipulative situation

​​And guess what? A workbook with the studies

​​Homework after each unit to go and explore your new superpower

We are releasing units weekly for around 2 months. BUT WAIT, it doesn’t end there. We are and will be recording videos and interviews with victims and experts in many of the topics, research and stories we are going to share with you.

In some cases, when the experts and victims agree, we are going to invite you to be part of the recordings.

You will receive an email every time a video is released in the Hub. So, this class is going to be refreshed with new material all the time. Isn’t that AWESOME!!!

Remember, if there is a topic, research or story you want us to cover, email us, we would love to do it.

So you don’t do it alone; we built a community to support you, to do it with you.



Are you an Entrepreneur?

​​Do you want to grow in your Career?

​​Are you in a toxic relationship?

​​Do you always finish last?

Do you want to win in any situation

​​Are you the underdog?

​Do you secretly want to gain power?

​​Do you want to feel the POWER?


Who is this course NOT for?

I want you to know that this class is not going to be for everyone. This course is not for you if:

You don’t understand that behavior needs time and practice to be changed

If you expect to have results the first time you try

If you are not willing to do the work


The secret behind Manipulation


How they work

Why they work

How to use the CTA in each step

Case Studies


Why they work

Who are our students:

Sales teams. Journalism & Production. Politicians & political campaigns. Law Enforcement. Realtors. Lawyers. Market Research. Insurance Fraud. Headhunters. Matchmakers. Managers. Love life. Medical field professionals. Job Seekers. Sperm and/or ovule Donor Selection. Couple compatibilities. Human Resources Professionals. Negotiation-Hospitality & Customer-oriented services.

 And people like YOU


As you said, you can be the prey or the hunter, for the first time, I AM THE HUNTER, AND I LOVED IT.
Graham Brown

sharon stevenson

Not only do I know what to do now, I actually *like* doing the things that HUMAN BEHAVIOR LAB has taught me!
Sharon Stevenson

Jackie summers

I learned the art of manipulation with HBL and now I can protect myself better because I can control and dominate better.
Jackie Summers


First, I hated you, this class is the “bible” in manipulation, and now I LOVE it.
Kate Walsh


My Guarantee to You…

If you take action on the things you learn in the class, and do them consistently, this is what will happen:

You will learn extremely valuable skills that will benefit everything you do in life.

Find out if you are been manipulated by your family members, friends, coworkers, sales reps and everyone around you.

How to stop this behavior.

​Finally feel in control of your life and live empowered with the strategies and tactics you deserve.

​Stop feeling out of control.

Do YOU Accept?

The decision is now.


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