Did you ever meet a Human Behavior Hacker?

Some people hack computers, I hack humans. Imagine you can learn a superpower ... Imagine you can read people like a book.


Susan Ibitz allows you to discover the ancient superpower of Face Reading, in a virtual setting.

Susan Ibitz knows you can read a face, even virtually.
Ibitz runs Human Behavior Lab and is one of the world’s foremost experts in Face Reading – an ancient skill of analyzing a person’s character simply by observing their facial features.For nearly three decades, Ibitz has worked and trained in the U.S., South America, Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. She uses her rare skills to help others become better salespeople and consultants. Ibitz has worked with and spoken to major brands and corporations that she keeps confidential as is part of her philosophy.“You have two reactions to Face Reading – validation and surprise,” Ibitz said. “The base on this is ‘I see you,’ and when that happens, you feel relieved and understood.“Face reading is GPS to your brain, your life, and your processing of information and who you really are.”

On April 10, she’s launching the world’s only E-learning platform designed for behavior training, which includes Face Reading, Body Language, Public Speaking, Micro-Expressions and Linguistic Analysis. Each class, led by world-class coaches, will be translated into six major languages. Each class can accommodate up to 100,000 students.

As more people work from home due to Coronavirus, Ibitz said the E-learning platform will be critical for virtually everyone.

“The economy and way we communicate have changed so much, and reading body language from video conferences will be crucial,” Ibitz said. “Being able to do this virtually will be like having a superpower.”

Human Behavior Lab, based in Chicago, also just opened the Human Behavior Lab Latam in Guatemala for severing all Spanish-language countries.

Ibitz, who splits her time between Chicago, Ogden Dunes, Indiana, and Central America, teaches clients how to read people even before they meet them. And she instructs clients how to read their own body language signals as well the signals of the people around them.

Liat Sacks, Founder at StudyNotesABA, said Ibitz got insider her “soul within three minutes” from a face reading.

“She read my face and I’ve never had someone get inside my soul within three minutes,” Sacks said. “She has such a great energy and all I want to do is spend more time with her.”

Ibitz’s expertise is employed effectively with journalists, politician, law enforcement officials, Realtors, lawyers, headhunters, matchmakers, healthcare professionals, sales people, human resources pros, customer-oriented services and other professions.

Ibitz also recently Face-Read and analyzed Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

“It's not every day someone you don't know looks at you with a perplexed look and tells you everything about who you are, and even who you could be,” said Jeff Peterson, CEO of Geneva Supply. “Susan Ibitz is one of the most fascinating individuals I have ever met, and has a trained skill that now has me looking at her perplexed. She connects, inspires and educates and will be an asset to you or your company if you just look in her direction."

Human Behavior Lab also unlocks the science behind human behavior, body language and deception-detection, Ibitz said.

Ibitz has dozens of certifications, including in Negotiation and Leadership from Harvard and Influence People and Negotiation from University of Michigan. Ibitz also is a certified hostage negotiator. She has been a guest lecturer for the past four years at Loyola University Chicago’s Criminology Department.

For more information on Human Behavior Lab, visit http://humanbehaviorlab.com/

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