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One of the most common questions I always get from the newest Human Behavior Hacker members is “Is there a way we can go deep in the sales training?” which is why Richard Harris and I made this amazing training for you!

This training will give you the chance to learn how to built your customer journey in the right way from scratch.

And since you’re already a Human Behavior Hacker member, you get this training at a massive discount!

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Week One

  • Intro & Workbook.
  • Need a TM for N.E.A.T Selling.
  • The Power of Left & Right Brain.
  • How Buying Decisions Are Made.

Week two

  • The Buyers’ and Sellers’ Journeys.
  • Face Zones - What they are?
  • Zone 1.
  • Zone 2.
  • Zone 3.
  • Zones - Practice and Summary.
  • Respect Contract.
  • Why the Ears come first.

Week Three

  • Rule of Reciprocity.
  • Big Ears.
  • Pace and Tone.
  • Small Ears.
  • Discovery and Objection Handling.

Week Four

  • Ears - High.
  • Surface Pains and Core Pains.
  • Ears - Low.
  • Open and Closed-Ended Questions.
  • WARNING- Eyebrows- How your prospects process information.

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Meet Your Coaches

Susan Ibitz picture profile

I am Susan Ibitz, I am a Human Behavior Hacker- Some people hack computers, I hack Humans.

I am a profiler – Civilian Hostage Negotiator – Face Reader Profiler

What do politicians, lawyers, sales reps, Shark Tnk contestants, and people who need to be in a deposition and trials have in common? A profiler in their corner and the right coaching.


Richard has been awarded in 2021 and 2022 A Top Sales Influencer to Follow by Salesforce. He's a 5x Top 25 Inside Sales Professional by the American Association of Inside Sales. As well as a Top 10 Sales Development Leader as voted Sales Hacker.

Clients include everyone from early stage Pre-Series A Startups to Fortune Brans including: Zoom, Salesforce, Google Cloud, and GE.

In this class

What you'll learn

Basic face reading profiling to talk to your prospects, clients and co-workers the way they need to receive information.

  Teaching your team how to earn the right to ask questions, wich questions to ask, and when to do it.

Combining the crafts of selling and face reading and profiling

Who are our students:

Sales teams Journalism & Production. Politicians & political campaigns. Law Enforcement. Realtors. Lawyers. Market Research & Customer-oriented services.


And people like YOU!!!

In short, you can get this training for just $ $811.47 instead of its regular price $999.97



Special Pricing ends September 30,2022

TOTAL VALUE: $999.97

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