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We are a crazy team of researchers, a geeky and curious group, that loves to watch people and work on theories, science-based studies, and experiments in real-live life. We enjoy helping you to achieve the best life can give you, every day.

If you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert, we are with you, we see you, we feel youwe understand you. We had been there, we are here.

We personalize every class based on your need. Feel free to contact us. If you need help, we can help: Just shoot us an email. Don’t be afraid. We cherish your confidentiality, and we care about our people.

We train, teach, and help legions of people to become better communicators and managers and be emphatic about their surroundings. We base all our work in academic studies; we regularly consult awesome people in the field.  We have close ties to professionals on the inside.

We embrace being the weirdos at each party we go to. We were different growing up, and we love it; we made a career rooted in embracing our differences.

You feel the best part of your life is coming? Well, here we are! Become part of this crazy, amazing, and growing family. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!

We study people, and we want you to be part of the experience. Came and play in our lab.

We have quizzes, polls, options to test your human behavior skills and specially we want to know your needs.

If you have a crazy idea you want us to try, send an email. Be part of the team at Human Behavior Lab.


How is lying?

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We work unlocking the science behind Human Behavior, Micro Expression, Body Language, Deception Detection, Statement Analysis, Face Reading [Physiognomy] and Linguistics.

Joying us and have fun learning how to hack people.


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