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The Power Of Face Reading

I was in my late 20s, making pennies as a political consultant assistant. I studied Body Language, Micro-Expressions, Linguistics for politics, and read every book I could get my hands on. Still, the second and never the lead on a campaign.

I was working as a bartender, after a long day [best work ever to read people]. This weird guy in front of me kept staring at me.  After a few minutes, I looked at him and said….“Either I have monkeys on my face or you want another drink?”

He replied, “ No, but I can say that you are stubborn like a mule, procrastinating by perfection and striving for knowledge. Now, did you get it already”.

“Oh great! A psychic in a bar”, I thought. “Well Sir, I will not give you money for reading my palm,” and he said what changed my life forever

No, I read your face.

I quit the bar and started following him like a dog for months...

One year later, I landed my first solo campaign; now, I had a SUPERPOWER no other person in the business had. I learned this, and since then, I can read you in 30 seconds without any prep.

I followed the learning pad; I studied with Lawyers, Hypnotists, and Healers from Asia to the Western side.

And this is how I developed Face Reading Profiling.

HOW? Traditional Face Reading is used for diagnostic or just to tell you how you are.

Me? Oh no!!!

I went to the, let’s say- Dark Side???- at least this is what a person I worked with said: “F**K, we hired Darth Vader!”.


I use and teach all the channels on Behavior combined with Face Reading. This way you can not only read someone, but you can also get into their head, you can control a situation or just communicate better.

Hey, I teach; what you do with this is not my responsibility.

Disclaimer: “With great power come great responsibilities”

Now I teach people in many fields HOW TO READ ANYONE IN 90 SECONDS OR LESS.

The people I taught were losing money, losing campaigns, failing in dating, being lied to, and having doors closed in their faces all the time.

Now, well, now they are where they have always wanted to be. Oh, making MORE MONEY, too.

I have trained thousands of students, sales reps, lawyers, politicians, CEOs, daters, parents, police…………..and the list goes on. All the continents.

In my early 40s, I had an accident that left me for 2 years doing 7 days a week PT to be able to walk straight again; after a super complicated surgery, traveling became so painful.

After many trials and errors, I finally decoded how to teach Face Reading Profiling online.

And now the most tailored version is here.

I have developed 2 programs for you to do: 10 features in 10 days and Face Reading Profiling-PRO- 






You need to learn how people need to receive and process information before you even open your mouth.

The GOOD NEWS is that I can teach you how to do it; the BAD NEWS is that this is not a behavior channel you can learn from a book. I have people trying this before becoming my students now.

Here's just the tip of the iceberg of what you get in

The Power Of Face Reading


Get into people’s head to get whatever you want.

How your clients and prospects buy.

How to close any deal consistently.

You tried and failed? No more, NOW YOU ARE in control.

Get to know anyone even before you meet them.

STOP needless stress over meetings and networking, now you have a SUPERPOWER.

Who are our students

Sales teams

Journalism & Production

Law Enforcement



And people like YOU

I have developed 2 programs for you to do:

10 features in 10 days In only 10 days, you can start profiling anyone

The decision is now.

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In this class

How to read everyone in 90 seconds, even with masks.

The basic features on the face to start your FACE READING PROFILING journey.

Boost your communication skills by talking to people the way they need to be talked to.

Get promoted at work by adding this new skill.

How to negotiate, sell, and close more deals just talking to your prospects in the way they need it.

Create stronger influence and manage relationships effectively.

​How to do a FACE READING PROFILING report and start your own journey in this exciting career.

​How to use FACE READING PROFILING to make more money.


Private Facebook Group

Monthly Coaching Classes


Community Support

No prerequisites to join this class

* 50% of the self-paced learning is us releasing the classes, and the other 50% is you practicing every day, doing your homework, and practicing/participating in our Facebook community.


Who we are no?

​History of Face Reading Profiling-

​Companies using FR-

​How companies are using FR-

​What you can read on the face-

​How to improve your actual position or job with FR-

​Where to learn FR-

​How you will learn-

​How to make money with FR-

​Case Studies ● Shark Tank ● Vegas Casino ● Lawyer


Left-Right brain

​Companies using FR-

How to measure


Ears Size- Small- Big

​​Ears High-High-Low – Height

Ears Shape - Out- In- Diplomatic

​Eyebrows Shape- Pointy- Round-Straight

​Eyebrows Proxemic- High-Low

Mouth Size- Big -Small

​Lips Size- Up-Low- Full

​Chin- Straight - Round- Pointy

​Bonus 1- How to start the reading

​Bonus 2- How to do a reading report

The decision is now.


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