Do you know most lies happens when you don’t ask the right questions?

How to fix this, easy – Ask more questions. DO you know a four years old kid asks 390 questions a day? How many questions DO you ask to your clients, kids, co-workers or partners to know what really is going on?


Mother | Son

Mom: Do you have homework?

Son: We have a substituted teaches today.

Most parents would let it go, now this kid hasn’t answered the question, is trying to convince you and not convey.

How to address the conversation the right way.

Mom: Do you have homework?

Son: We have a substituted teaches today.

Mom: This substituted teacher gave you homework?

Son: Yes.

Mom: Did you do it?

Son: No


Job interview

You: When I can hear from you about the job?

HR: Usually, we send an email.

You: “Usually” you send an email.  HOW can I call you to keep track OF this position?

Usually is not a continuous action, usually means -shift and change based on the circumstances.



You: Your company has made a decision on our budget?

Client: They decided to go with another vendor.

This sale is not lost, but MOST sales rep would let it go. WHY??? “They” not me, the others made the decision. “Decided” is a thought, not an action.

Come back and say:

You: Do you agree with the decision?  If the person said no, come back with -What “we” can do to make it HAPPEN, what do you think?

I will talk about the “WE” effect in the near future.

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Love-Susan. XoXo

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